LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA Teammates in China’s “Hotel California”

“You can checkout anytime you’d like but you can never leave.”

LiAngelo Ball, the son of entrepreneur, provocateur, personality and unintentional comedian LaVar Ball and current NBA rookie Lonzo Ball is stuck in a hotel in China with his two teammates (Cody Riley and Jalen Hill) on condition of their bail after being caught shoplifting sunglasses at a Louis Vuitton next to the team’s hotel in Hangzhou.

For reference, Hangzhou is 2 hours and 12 minutes away from Shanghai, which is where UCLA is scheduled to face Georgia Tech for the annual game that takes place there to start the season.

Rather than join their teammates at Shanghai Disneyland, LiAngelo Ball and his teammates got a more insightful look into China than what any tour or tourist attraction could provide and are now under hotel arrest.  LaVar Ball happens to be in Shanghai doing a sightseeing tour as part of a reality show and he’s playing it off as it is no big deal.  Ball and his teammates could face detainment of at least a month and with definite proof of theft, it could put them in a situation where they could be imprisoned for 3-10 years.  These are not American prisons, these are Chinese prisons.

China is a country known for human rights abuses and yet the NCAA annually holds a game there while taking a stand against North Carolina and Mississippi on the basis of transgendered restroom laws and the Confederate Battle Flag.  China is still technically a Communist country (they still honor Mao Zedong who murdered 45 million people in four years during The Great Leap Forward) and President Xi Jinping is consolidating power while still enabling the murderous North Korean slave state regimeDoes the NCAA have their priorities straight?

President Donald Trump is in China.  LaVar Ball is in China.  The UCLA Basketball Team is in China.  Three UCLA Basketball players are stuck in a hotel facing prison time and now could be used as pawns in negotiation by Xi Jinping.  The possibilities are endless and it could even impact U.S. Foreign Policy with China (although this is a long shot).

Imagine President Trump and LaVar Ball in a press conference together.  Nobody can stick to sports then, but certainly it could make for some awkward, dark comedy.

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  1. Let me add up the dollars…..yep, just what I thought. The NCAA absolutely has their priorities in the order they want.

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