Lost in All of This: There’s an NCAA Tournament Going On

Okay, you filled out multiple brackets.  No shame in it, it’s a good move.

The ability to fill out the requisite number of brackets to have a perfect bracket is nearly impossible even if it is programmed, it would likely crash your computer.  However, there’s nothing wrong with filling in multiple brackets to chase the glory of winning your office pool or taking your sportsbook’s promotional money.

Yesterday, there was quite a bit of madness.  Buffalo did to Arizona what the FBI and NCAA failed to do, South Dakota State came back from a 12 point deficit only to foul a pair of three point shooters, Loyola-Chicago won on a buzzer beater against Miami, Gonzaga survived against Wes Miller’s UNC-Greensboro team, Houston won a Tyus Edney styled layup over San Diego State, and of course Rhode Island and Oklahoma opened things up by going to Overtime.

So how do your brackets look?  Who did you have in your Final Four?

The answer is of course:  Kentucky, Houston, Michigan State and Villanova.

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  1. This year is more impossible than usual- I’ve got two different brackets. Final Four 1- Virginia, Xavier (they’re due to breakthrough), Nova, and Rhode Island. Nova to win it. Final Four 2- Nova, Michigan State, Xavier, and Buffalo. Michigan State to win it. You’re right about supporting the team and giving Crean a chance. My main irritation was with framing and limiting the debate from the first day. This is an issue with all of our debates in today’s world and it seems to be getting worse.

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