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Mark Fox – Arizona State Rumors

There are Mark Fox to Arizona State Rumors…

The stirrers have been out there on forums, Twitter and even legitimate journalists have caught onto the notion that Mark Fox may be interested in hearing from Arizona State.  Whenever any coach catches lightning in a bottle, they become instant names to fill a vacancy.  Andy Enfield, Bobby Hurley, Gregg Marshall, Saul Phillips and the list goes on of names that have cycled through after a particularly good season.  Mark Fox to Arizona State has somehow become the latest rumor to catch on despite what the mainstream is saying (Jeff Capel).

If you want to get a sense of what names have been thrown out there for this Arizona State position, you’re in luck because Doug Haller of AZCentral broke it down for you and noticeably Mark Fox was not on the list.  Sure there are Tweets about Mark Fox hearing from Arizona State…

The UGA Athletic Association has been pretty mum on the subject.  There are UGA related reporters talking about how Mark Fox may have been contacted or how there may be interest, but that is all.  If an ordinary guy sends a tweet to Charlotte McKinney professing his love, it does not mean that such interest is reciprocated.  A lot of times, interest is merely interest.  In this case, a rumor of possible interest has blown up into something that is message board fodder at best.  The names associated for the vacant Arizona State position do not include Mark Fox at least from far more credible sources.

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Does Fox Have a Nexus to Arizona State?

The answer is ‘no’.  He has no connection to the school and would taking an extra $300,000 to $500,000 really push him to go to Arizona State?  The Arizona State job is tougher than UGA.  Then there’s the matter of Fox being signed through the 2017-18 season, if Fox makes another postseason – he’s going to likely get a $2.5 million per year contract with major incentive bonuses.

Fox has been offered by more prestigious programs and programs that have a nexus to him and he said ‘no’.  Remember last season?  Washington State wanted him, it took a while for Fox to publicly decline it but he did.  Fox didn’t even wish to interview even though he was likely Washington State’s top choice.  Fox has a nexus to Washington State as he used to be an assistant at Washington and his wife’s family is from Eastern Washington.  He was contacted by Kansas State after Frank Martin left and UGA made the tournament in 2011, Fox declined that opportunity too.  Fox used to coach at K-State as an assistant under Tom Asbury.  Fox also was contacted by North Carolina State after they wanted to move on from the Sidney Lowe era, Fox said ‘no’, but Mark Gottfried said ‘yes’ a couple of days after Fox was contacted.

Welcome to silly season folks, for UGA fans, we haven’t had a basketball coach that was in demand for quite a while.  It’s a good sign for the program.  Just enjoy the ride.  Think about it this way:  Does anybody want Brian Gregory?

For those of you that want to see Mark Fox in the desert, the Dawgs are playing in a tournament in Vegas next Fall.  Otherwise, here’s another way to see Mark Fox in the desert…