michael white is hired by florida

Michael White is Hired by Florida – This Means??

‘Michael White is Hired by Florida to replace Billy Donovan’ is the Headline.

So Michael White will bring his high intensity, full court press style of basketball to Gainesville.  He leaves Louisiana Tech and now many questions abound about the identity of Florida Basketball and even his replacement.  No matter what, this news will affect Georgia’s program.

  1. Is Michael White what Billy Donovan was nearly 20 years ago?  We’ll find out, but Donovan brought a pressing style to Florida that was borrowed from Rick Pitino.  White brings a similar style, but more success prior to coming to UF as his Louisiana Tech teams made the NIT and Donovan’s Marshall teams did not make any postseason berths.  Michael White has yet to put a team into the NCAA Tournament.
  2. Will recruits bail on the program?  White will have to sell LOI signees that he will continue the tradition at Florida and not drop the ball.  Noah Dickerson would be in an interesting predicament as he is more of a bruiser.  White’s style is to run up and down the floor and he likes very athletic and long big men.
  3. Will assistants leave the program?  Pelphrey and Grant were not selected.  Would they stay on at Florida after getting passed by Jeremy Foley?  Maybe both end up in Oklahoma City with Billy Donovan.
  4. Who takes the Louisiana Tech job?  It’s a bit of a desirable position in Conference USA that will attract former coaches and even assistants with ties to the Southeast.
  5. Are you hinting at Philip Pearson?  Of course.  He’s very deserving of coaching at a Conference USA school and knows how to recruit the Southeast.
  6. Does this impact Georgia’s success against Florida in the future?  It will be different, UGA teams are more equipped to take on pressing squads like Louisiana Tech and UGA may press teams themselves as UGA is far more athletic than in the past.  This team is led by veterans and has a more confident manner, which will help when it comes to going down to Gainesville and breaking the press.
  7. Andy Kennedy got an extension at Ole Miss, does this mean anything?  No, not really.  Ole Miss’ administration can turn on him after a second year within a maximum four year contract – it is scary.  If Kennedy has a very good season, he would be wise to take the next job he can get.  Michael White returning to Ole Miss is more of ‘when’ than an ‘if’.

Michael White is hired by Florida and there will be a lot of interesting reactions from pundits, recruits and fans.  The guess is that fans will force the optimism, pundits will call it shrewd and interesting and recruits/players will make their decisions after meeting with the Ole Miss alum that became Billy Donovan’s successor at Florida.

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