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How Did We Miss This Leak? UGA vs. Xavier in Nashville!

UGA’s Secret Scrimmage opponent was revealed two weeks ago.

UGA will face Xavier in a secret scrimmage on October 29 in Nashville.  No one is allowed to attend the game and scores are unofficially kept.  Xavier is an interesting choice of an opponent as this is a major step up from Wake Forest last season.  Xavier has become a major power in the Big East and is drawing comparisons to Villanova from last season.

Xavier is an experienced, talented and hard-nosed team that could make a big splash.  UGA typically schedules ACC programs that are in the region, but this time around chose to travel up to Nashville for a game against a Big East power.  This is likely Mark Fox’s way of figuring out how his team stacks up against one of the top programs in the country.  Facing Xavier is a learning experience and scheduling a secret scrimmage against them is a clear indication that Fox and his staff really believe in this team.

Secret scrimmages help programs find out where their holes are and/or used to build confidence.  If Georgia can play close with Xavier or even “beat” Xavier in a scrimmage, this team gains confidence and Fox figures out what works with the team.

The only downside to scheduling Xavier is that Chris Mack employs a lesser used defense that Georgia may not face much this season.  Xavier runs the 1-3-1 a lot while Georgia’s opponents will likely stick to man-to-man and 2-3 zones in half-court settings.  Georgia faced Baylor’s 1-3-1 and 1-1-3 looks last season and actually won a half against them at the Ferrell Center, but Baylor switched to man-to-man defense and the game shifted significantly against the Dawgs.

Who said that leaks were just for risotto cooking advice, national security issues, insulting political candidates and treating people like Soylent products (food groups)?

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  1. I like it! It’s disappointing that it’s just a scrimmage but I’d rather the play Xavier than a terrible Wake Forest team.

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