A New Part of Previews That Will Provide Levity

Let’s make this short.  There’s going to be something added to Game Previews going forward, it’s hoped that you enjoy it.

The following should give you an idea of what you will see at the end of every Game Preview.  Game Previews will not end with a prediction, no, we’re going to add some fun.  Not that corporate “fun”, but fun as it is intended to be enjoyed rather than be used to judge you for your decisions and indecisions in situations that have nothing to do with anything that you do in your day-to-day work whatsoever and prevent you from attending meetings with important clients.

Since Alabama will not come up on the schedule again this season, let’s make up for it and give you a clue of what is to come.

Here are the lyrics to the famous song associated with the Crimson Tide… “Florida”

Florida! Buidide array!
Every time after you
Price rises!
Learn the behavior of Bulldog;
Please send it to hurt the yellow jacket!
As someone starts to fall
It’s embarrassing!
But data and grit are possible.
Their name is written in flames!
War, war, people!
Remember, we will win the stage!
This is for victory.
Please enter the path
You are proud of DG’s football break!

Feel free to sing along with these lyrics, not the lyrics in the video.

Can’t make this up.  Go To Dowg!  (It means “Go Dawgs!” after several translations through Google Translate.)