The Official Cocktail of the 2017-18 UGA Basketball Season

What is the Official Cocktail of the 2017-18 UGA Basketball Season…

It’s inspired by a cocktail called “Absinthe Minded” and it has been modified a bit.  Here’s how to make the Georgia Basketball Blog version of it called “Delusional Triangle Offense”.

First, the ingredients for this cocktail, which is actually a shot so take it down all at once when Georgia runs a half court set.  It will make everything seem better, but do not drink too much and do not drive when drinking.

  • 1 oz of Absinthe
  • A dash of Chambord
  • A dash of Frangelico
  • A dash of Angostura Orange Bitters
  • Glass:  Shot Glass

Shake all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, strain into chilled shot glass and serve.  Down it all at once.  Feel alive.


  1. I believe this 2017-18 UGA BB team is going to be special! I’m a strong Coach Mark Fox supporter! I still believe he will build a true competitive (championship) team at UGA! He’s just going to do it the right way, “The Georgia Way”! And sometimes, that takes just a little longer! Go Dawgs!

  2. William,
    Pass me that Kool Aid! I have been waiting for Fox to get it going but he never changes his coaching style. Maybe this year will be different with coaching style and playing freshmen? I hope so! Go Dawgs!

  3. Sigh. 9 years and still waiting because we are doing it the right way. I believe it took only 7 years to land on the moon. Is Kirby not doing it the “Georgia” way? I will say that this line up is missing some of the pieces that drive you crazy about Fox. There are not as many players lacking D1 talent that he can give major minutes to. I will believe in this team in two weeks if there is a freshman in the starting lineup. I will believe in this team if we can win a road game before January instead of the excuses of “It’s a weird gym setup” or my favorite “the altitude effected us” or “we had to travel across country”. No more “well we have had a tough stretch but we have a bunch of young players…….” the last couple of NCAA champs were also young. JUST DO IT. (full disclosure – they probably will surprise because after 13 years, I gave up my bball tickets this year)

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