Offshore Finance, Beaches and the Dawgs in November 2018

Seems like Georgia is going to the Cayman Islands Classic in November 2018.

Georgia is speculated to be in the Cayman Islands Classic, the Fyre Festival of College Basketball Tournaments, in November 2018.  The rumor was sat on for a while and now is as good of a time to mention it considering it is already on Wikipedia, Reddit and on The Bona Blog.

It was very difficult to believe that Georgia would be playing in the Cayman Islands Classic back in November, which was when the rumor came out.  The disbelief resulted in a bit of an exercise in deducing all of the 2018 Holiday Tournament fields and the realization came that this indeed was the likely the case.  It was a surprise that Georgia was rumored to be a part of it after the first run went so poorly, which is a nice way to put it.  In fact, it was a surprise that the organizers were going to do it again.

With multiple sources reporting the news already and a Football-oriented media, the rumor was already out for a while (but unreported locally) and now the Georgia audience knows about it because of this publication.  You’re welcome??  Others would be exasperated and excited to report this news, but there’s a clearly perturbed tone for good reason.

This season’s tournament was a disaster and here is the current field of schools participating who will enjoy the Cayman Islands, but come out of it agreeing that this tournament needs to be shelved after the 2018 edition.

  • Georgia
  • Clemson
  • St. Bonaventure
  • Illinois State
  • Creighton

Three more teams will occupy the other spots.  Why was this tournament considered such a disaster?  Oh God.

  1. It was a Pay-Per-View Event that had a feed that was delayed by three minutes and that’s when it was operating properly.
  2. The Pay-Per-View Feed had a very blurry scoring bug that would not update itself.  Production issues galore.
  3. Inappropriate camera angles, zoom-ins and zoom-outs that resulted in a lot of missed action.  If you were watching the Louisiana-Iowa game or the Richmond-UAB game your life was made miserable.
  4. In fact, if you remember watching the Georgia High School Playoffs in 2007, everything involved in that production from the facilities to the announcers calling the game would be considered superior.
  5. They played in a really bad High School Gym.  You’ve never seen so many Brunswick Bowling Chairs at a collegiate sporting event in the past decade.
  6. Official scorers were not on the same page.  The scoreboard and official scorer in one game actually had different scores recorded for a period of time that was greater than a minute of LIVE ACTION.  It was not one or two points either, it was six.

Need visual evidence?  Someone actually recorded the misery of watching Cincinnati-Buffalo.  Richmond-UAB, Louisiana-Iowa and Wyoming-Louisiana had very similar issues, but they were not recorded.

The Pay-Per-View was not always working so they were accidentally giving some games away for FREE that they should never have given away!  If you paid for those games… SUCKER!

When the Keys to the Game require Doc Brown’s DeLorean and an analyst who may also be a Yo-Yo Expert with a deep, dark past… it’s not a good sign.

Here’s the Good and Bad

The Good:

  • Georgia plays in a non-conference tournament.
  • Georgia will join some quality programs.
  • George Town is a very nice place to visit.
  • It is also a great place to set up a bank account, plan an estate or engage in other financial services.  (Depends upon your goals and objectives.)

The Bad:

  • The organizers are incompetent.
  • The gym is terrible.
  • Bleacher seating!

So there you go.  Might as well go in person when it is made official.

It’s all the 3Bs:  Banking, Beaches, Bulldogs.