Osahen Iduwe Leaves

Osahen Iduwe is Leaving UGA

Osahen Iduwe is transferring out of the University of Georgia.

Osahen Iduwe is leaving the University of Georgia after two years as a student-athlete.  The 6’10” 245 pound Center from Nigeria did not have an auspicious start in Athens as he contracted malaria.  The main concern for Iduwe was that he recover from the disease.  The recovery process and acclimation to the rigors of being a student-athlete at the University of Georgia were trying for him.

Iduwe kept up a publicly positive attitude while trying to improve his English comprehension, excel in the classroom, participate in the local community and be a part of the University of Georgia Men’s Basketball Team.  Iduwe played sparingly, but was very eager to encourage his teammates.

These are his metrics from the small amount of playing time that he did receive:

Iduwe will transfer to another institution with two more years of eligibility as a student-athlete.



  1. This was the news I figured you were hinting at when you mentioned scholarship availability. I’m on campus and had heard it a few weeks ago as well.

  2. Does this mean we already have a spot filler lined up, or is this just a space opening without a corresponding move in place ala Cam Forte last year?

  3. I had no idea that he previously had malaria. What an awful disease and I’m very happy to hear that he overcame it to play basketball at a higher level than I could ever of dream’t of.

    I did notice that when he did play, he seemed to be very awkward and not very confident in his abilities. Definitely has the height, but he is rather thin for DI play in my opinion.

    It will be interesting what Fox does with this open scholarship. Hopefully, he fills it with a contributor (a role player would be fine) instead of carrying an empty scholarship similar to last year. Was he the player that was going to be moved if Giddens had decided to transfer here, HWT?

    Anyhow, I hope that he finds a university that he feels comfortable at and has a successful basketball and academic career.

  4. With this opening, any potential of being filled by Gant….or should I move on from that prospect?

    1. Any kids that opened up with all the spring coaching changes we might jump on? I figured most would be filled up, also could be used as a “make good” spot for a lesser rated grad transfer with an AAU club we want to have improved relations or a kid that we preferred walk on type of a similar sort to help improve the connection to a kid we want in 2017/18/19?

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