Pittsburgh Hires Kevin Stallings

Pittsburgh Hires Kevin Stallings: Now What?

Pittsburgh hires Kevin Stallings today in an exit from Vanderbilt that can best be described as mutual.

Vanderbilt’s ceiling was hit, Kevin Stallings did all he could do in Nashville and now he is headed to Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh gets a veteran coach with a unique offensive style and Vanderbilt gets to re-define their program.  Vanderbilt’s a better coaching job in every sport not named Football because of the academic aspect, urban location (the campus is not urban like South Carolina, but it is in a big city) and actual winning tradition.  Vanderbilt’s academic standards make it tougher to land some recruits, but does Vanderbilt really want a team with lower intelligence and academic capabilities anyway?

Vanderbilt is a good coaching job in College Basketball, perhaps even a better job than Pittsburgh and UNLV.  However, Vanderbilt University needs to figure out a quality replacement for Kevin Stallings.  They need someone who can build on the foundation that Stallings built and take their program to the next level.  The problem is that Stallings’ style is unique to him as a coach and no coach would be able to come in and run Stallings’ style of offense.  This means that Vanderbilt will be taking existing talent and placing them in a different style while possibly creating a brand new culture.

Damian Jones is a likely First Round NBA Draft Pick and expecting him to return to Vanderbilt would be unreasonable.  Wade Baldwin IV may jump early, but he does not appear on any NBA Mock Draft boards, he may choose to enter the NBA Draft without an agent and then come back to Nashville after getting his NBA Scouting grade.  It may actually be a good thing for the next Vanderbilt coach and Baldwin for him to get his NBA Scouting grade so that when he does choose to return, he knows exactly what he needs to improve.

Should nobody leave the Vanderbilt program, Vanderbilt will have a close to full cupboard.  It will not have Damian Jones, but the rest of the team should be intact for next season.  Luke Kornet looks to be the only returning post threat and the team should have all of the perimeter talent back.  The Vanderbilt frontcourt beyond Kornet will need to grow up quickly.

Who are the names to watch for Vanderbilt’s coaching vacancy?

  • Will Wade – VCU
  • Andy Enfield – USC
  • Buzz Williams – Virginia Tech
  • Tommy Amaker – Harvard
  • James Jones – Yale
  • Randy Bennett – St. Mary’s
  • Fran McCaffery – Iowa

What does it mean for Georgia?

  • Mark Fox is 3-9 against Kevin Stallings’ Vanderbilt Commodores.  Nowhere to go but up here for Georgia.
  • Georgia’s recruiting against Vanderbilt does not seem to change in status as the two programs do not clash much on the trail historically, but this could change depending upon the coach.
  • Vanderbilt will play a different style and that means new preparatory work for Mark Fox’s assistants.


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  1. I am sure Stallings was feeling pressure in Nashville, but Vandy is crazy to run him off. His system is damn hard to defend, as we have proven over and over. It’s just a question of whether he could get enough talent to win at Vandy. Recruiting to Pitt will not be any easier, and competing in the ACC is a nightmare.

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