2017-18 Possible Graduate Transfers

Possible Graduate Transfers for 2017-18 Hot Board

The Best Possible Graduate Transfers in College Basketball eligible to play for the 2017-18 Season.

The best possible graduate transfers in College Basketball are listed on this Hot Board.  No, these are not all guys that UGA should necessarily pursue, but this is a general list that is for all schools.  I have included the stats and likelihood of the particular player transferring out as a graduate transfer to be able to play next season, unless confirmed.  None of these players have declared that they will transfer yet, but they are candidates to make such a move for next season.

After checking out the traffic metrics from last year, it was obvious that the possible graduate transfer article should be some sort of a traditional, annual feature here on the Georgia Basketball Blog.  We do it first, we do it best.

There will be a possible graduate transfer article in the future that concerns the players from this list that UGA should try to land or at least the staff should have on their radar.  That article will go into further detail about each particular possible graduate transfer and why they would be a great fit for next season’s Georgia Basketball team.

Possible Graduate Transfer Hot Board

Xavier Rathan Mayes – Florida State – Likelihood is Very Low

Devon Hall – Virginia – Likelihood is Low

Markel Crawford – Memphis – Likelihood is Low  (Confirmed:  Transferring)

Geno Thorpe – South Florida – Likelihood is High  (3/11 Confirmed:  Transferring)

Cameron Reynolds – Tulane – Likelihood is Moderate-to-High

A.J. Davis – UCF – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Antwoine Anderson – Fordham – Likelihood is Moderate (Confirmed:  Transferring)

Amar Stukes – La Salle – Likelihood is Moderate

Donte Clark – UMass – Likelihood is Moderate  (Confirmed:  Transferring)

E.C. Matthews – Rhode Island- Likelihood is Low

Josh Newkirk – Indiana – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Duncan Robinson – Michigan – Likelihood is Low

Kam Williams – Ohio State – Likelihood is Low

Payton Banks – Penn State – Likelihood is Moderate  (Confirmed 3/24: Transferring)

Jeffrey Carroll – Oklahoma State – Likelihood is Very Low

Elijah Macon – West Virginia – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Graham Woodward – Drake – Likelihood is Low

MiKyle McIntosh – Illinois State – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate (Confirmed: Transferring)

Brenton Scott- Indiana State – Likelihood is Very Low

Elijah Brown – New Mexico – Likelihood is Moderate-to-High  (3/20:  Confirmed Transferring)

Alan Herndon – Wyoming – Likelihood is Low

George King – Colorado – Likelihood is Low

Juwan Parker – Georgia – Likelihood is Low

Tonny Trocha-Morelos – Texas A&M – Likelihood is Low

Steven Haney – Loyola Marymount – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Rodney Elliott – UMBC – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Jahad Thomas – UMass-Lowell- Likelihood is Moderate

Ryan Kemrite – Liberty – Likelihood is Moderate

Justin Cousin – Radford – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Marcus Jackson – Rice – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate (Confirmed:  Transferring)

Kendall Smith – CSUN – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate  (Confirmed:  Transferring)

Brandan Stith – Old Dominion – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Matt Willms – UTEP – Likelihood is Low

Joe Chealey – College of Charleston – Likelihood is Moderate

Brian Dawkins – Elon – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Jack Whitman – William & Mary – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate  (3/14 Confirmed: Transferring)

Kassius Robertson – Canisius – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate (Confirmed:  Transferring)

Jermaine Crumpton – Canisius – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Marcus Keene – Central Michigan – Likelihood is High (Declared for NBA Draft)

Marin Maric – Northern Illinois – Likelihood is Moderate

Jaaron Simmons – Ohio – Likelihood is Low

Kavon Waller – Delaware State – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Sam Hunt – North Carolina A&T – Likelihood is Moderate-to-High  (Confirmed: Transferring)

Malcolm Drumwright – Jacksonville State – Likelihood is Low

Cedric Hankerson – Boston University – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

Jaylen Shaw – Coastal Carolina – Likelihood is Low-to-Moderate

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  1. With Diatta, Wilridge, Claxton, and Hammonds arounds, I wouldn’t be shocked if Parker went somewhere smaller where he could start work on a grad degree (or coaching career) getting exposure at another school, to another staff, etc.

    That could open a spot for Fox to identify another big to help Maten, Edwards, and Ogbeide, and reduce the reliance on the latter two for the following season, as well as allow us to bring in a quality shooting PG type to add much needed ball handling and perimeter makes to the rotation. Either way, I’d want to be in the market for one of these Gs.

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