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Quick Hitter: A Brand New Low in Recruiting from Alabama Fans

Here we go… death threats to Collin Sexton from an Alabama Fan.

Hopefully, police intervene and the individual posting the death threats to Collin Sexton and his family is booted off social media soon.  There are likely criminal prosecution avenues with such a specific threat on Twitter.

This post may not last for long, but here it is in its entirety with a reaction from someone affiliated with the Southern Stampede AAU squad.   Jordan Sexton (Collin’s older brother) responded back to this possible troll/legitimate threat who likely does not realize the trouble he could face. It is screenshotted after the Twitter post.

The screenshot of it all:

So are we there yet?  Has recruiting finally spiraled so out of control that recruits get death threats or even false flag threats to scare them away from particular programs?  It makes sense that the most unhinged and closest to terroristic fan base (Alabama) would start this awful and disgusting trend.  Alabama Alumni, Students, Faculty and Administration (the rational and normal representatives) have lost control of the messaging and the reputation of The Capstone.  This is just another example of letting passions get too far and the fringe has too loud of a megaphone.

The University of Alabama is an unfortunately easy target, but the lunatics go out of their way to make it so.

This is a brand new low.  Everyone should be disgusted.  If this sort of behavior continues from Alabama fans, do not be surprised if Alabama gear and clothing during game days in other college towns becomes subject to profiling by campus police.  That would be extremely unfortunate and sad.


  1. Based on the fact the account was only created in the past week, I’d imagine it was created solely for the purpose of posting this tweet and making Bama fans look bad. They usually do that themselves, so this troll could have just exercised some patience.

    1. Definitely possible.

      I wouldn’t put it past an Auburn fan at all.

      Then again, really hope it wasn’t some dumb Georgia fan. An Auburn fan doesn’t make as much sense as a UGA fan since we’re also going after Sexton. Negative recruiting Bama could pose some benefit to UGA.

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