Mark Fox Horrible Interview

Quick Hitters: THAT Mark Fox Interview and Herb Jones Update

Mark Fox had an awful two minutes with Paul Finebaum and Herb Jones’ recruitment gets interesting.

Mark Fox had a train wreck of an interview with Paul Finebaum and resorting to three and a half minutes of canned talking points about the conference afterward could not salvage the interview.  In fact, he came off delusional during those canned talking points as well.

There are those that read this publication may think that a lot of what is stated here is not necessarily true or is just a perception.  No, unfortunately what is reported is reality and many cannot come to grips with it.  Think that merely replacing Mark Fox will change these issues?  No, it probably will not.  As long as Greg McGarity is the Athletic Director, this is the likely status quo.

The video of the entire interview is unfortunately not available (if someone can provide it, it would be nice).  However, there is a podcasted recording of the interview in Myers Quad on Friday, September 30, 2016 at around 4:45 PM Eastern Time.  The interview starts at around the 34:10 mark.

Unfortunately, the podcast cannot be embedded for some reason.  Listen to it in another tab while reading or listen to it first and then read the commentary.

Finebaum opened by asking about Fall Practice starting on September 30 for all programs.  Kansas did their annual Late Night at the Phog on Saturday.  Most programs started right away with practice, but at UGA, Mark Fox provided his take to cheers from the crowd at the SEC Nation set…

Mark Fox:  We get-get thirty opportunities to uh practice for Game One…

Paul Finebaum (interrupting):  You waited

Mark Fox:  we could have started today, but we got a big football weekend so we are going to wait and start on Sunday…

Crowd:  Go Dawgs! (cheers)

Mark Fox:  and uh…

Paul Finebaum:  That doesn’t happen on every campus!  The basketball coach goes you know what let’s watch the Football Game first…

This is just burying the Georgia Basketball program.  Instead of an open practice, special practice event or even just having a practice, Mark Fox opts to wait until Sunday.  Other programs may have had two practices down before UGA starts their first.  Mark Fox interrupts his schedule for a Football game. Ensuring Football’s primacy comes first.

Finebaum:  You have always embraced it.  I remember sitting here last year talking about the cooperation between all the sports on campus.  But on a weekend like this, I’m sure or any weekend for that matter that a Football game is going on… how do you connect your team, your sport, recruiting to what’s going on here?

Fox:  A Saturday in Athens for a Home Football Game is is uh is as good as there is in America and we want to be able to partner with-with our Football Team and show our recruits our team, the passion that the Bulldog Nation has for our Football Team and want to support them… you know we eat with those kids every day and see them in the weight room and certainly we’re their biggest fans and so it’s a true partnership here and we rally behind every sport, but on Football Saturdays we’re all trying to win.

It is like the Home Run Derby and Mark Fox wants to give us all an opportunity to tee off on him here.  How is it a true partnership?  Fox has gone out of his way with his team to put Football first.  Nothing like taking a Basketball recruit to a Football Game to show how much UGA cares about Football.  Does that make any sense?  It shouldn’t. There are so many opportunities to give a recruit a taste of what it is like to be a UGA student-athlete or cater to their individual interests and instead they are ushered to a Football Game where they find out how insignificant they would be in Athens.  Horrible messaging.

Where’s the partnership?  Where’s the give and take?  It does not seem symbiotic (in a mutually beneficial sense).  The ability to take a Men’s Basketball recruit to a Georgia Football game is the major concession?  That’s a horrible deal, especially considering UGA Basketball’s track record with official visits on Football weekends.  Maybe it is the training table and strength and conditioning facilities?  So not eating with the student populace at Snelling, East Campus Village, Bolton and Oglethorpe House Dining Facilities is the perk?  Eating at the so-called “adult” table is the perk?  UGA Basketball student-athletes can eat with the Football student-athletes, that’s a benefit!

UGA does not rally behind every sport as attendance figures, marketing, culture and the walk out after Halftime at the Arkansas game is proof enough.

Paul Finebaum was a bit astonished that Mark Fox goes out of his way to kiss the feet of the UGA Football program.

Fox talks about how wonderful the Football atmosphere is, but does not say a word about the UGA Basketball atmosphere.  Mark Fox is making it clear that his biggest competition is Mike “Big Dawg” Woods not Frank Martin nor Mike White.

Herb Jones Update

Herb Jones will make his decision on Thursday and it seems that Florida has helped him make his decision a bit today as Mike White landed a commitment from Chase Johnson, a 6’7″ Small Forward from Huntington Prep in West Virginia.

With this commitment, Florida has apparently exhausted all of their scholarship space for the Class of 2017.

Now Herb Jones’ decision seems to come down to Georgia and Alabama.  Alabama offers Jones the ability to attend a school that is 25 minutes away from home.  Georgia offers a top Accounting program.  Avery Johnson appeals to Jones’ aspirations on the court while Mark Fox is better suited at selling UGA’s academics.

Both Mark Fox and Avery Johnson played to their recruiting strengths on official visits.  Avery Johnson brought Herb Jones into Tuscaloosa during a Football Weekend while Mark Fox brought Herb Jones into Athens during a non-Football weekend.

Herb Jones’ father really put the emphasis on his son getting a degree from the institution that he chooses.  Mark Fox has a 100% Graduation Rate to claim here and it may prove to tilt things in his favor.

10/4/2016 Update:

When it rains, it pours…


  1. Doesnt the football team take recruits to basketball games a the time? Didnt kirby smart go to basketball games and make appearances? the eating together at ecv thing is a big stretch lol.

  2. What happened to the article you posted a week or so ago with all the remaining possibilities? It would be nice to have it as somewhat of a “checklist” to check off the recruits that aren’t coming here. I know what you say about out of state talent and not getting hung up on all these in state guys that go elsewhere, but with the stability in our program, we shouldn’t be reduced to picking up the scraps after the Bamas, Auburns, and FSUs get theirs.

  3. Herb Jones is off the board as he committed to Alabama. Our targets are dwindling every day both in in state and out of state. Its a shame with all the instate basketball talent in Georgia and we cannot get anybody. Other schools find the Georgia talent very attractive and in fact, Auburn is doing very well with the Georgia recruits they have committed for 2017, 2018 and 2019 and they have not been exactly a power house program in the last 20 years with a coach that has only had this job approx. 2 years. I am anxiously awaiting our out of state commitments to see who we land.

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