Crystal Ball as of 10/21

Quick Update: Class of 2017 Crystal Ball as of 10/21

This is an update of the UGA Fall Signing Class of 2017 Predictions.

There were some developments that took place over the past week that have forced a few changes to the Crystal Ball predictions made on October 17.

Jamir Moultrie:  Visited Georgetown this past weekend and attended their Midnight Madness.  Class of 2017 Point Guard Tremont Waters committed to Georgetown on Wednesday.  Moultrie was predicted to be a Georgetown commit and now this has changed.  There was room for Moultrie as he is a combo guard, but Moultrie has recently cooled off on being a Hoya.

Georgia has yet to get a visit from Moultrie yet, there was a scheduling conflict that forced the visit to be postponed.  Fox and his staff would be wise to get Moultrie on campus sooner rather than later.  As long as the staff does not wait to bring Moultrie in for an official visit in time for the Auburn Football Game weekend, there’s reason to believe that Jamir Moultrie will choose UGA.  Right now, Georgia is the prediction.

Moultrie is still considering La Salle, who is interestingly having a Combo Guard visit them this weekend…

Teshaun Hightower:  UGA offered Hightower and several Mt. Zion Prep team members.  Hightower is scheduled to visit La Salle this weekend and he will get to meet up with Jordan Price.  Price is from Decatur, Georgia and he transferred out of Auburn to attend La Salle.  La Salle actually has been a popular landing spot for transfers out of major programs.  Demetrius Henry (South Carolina), Pookie Powell (Memphis) and B.J. Johnson (Syracuse) all landed at La Salle.  Cleon Roberts transferred out of Georgia Southern to come to the burgeoning A-10 program.

Hightower has notable interest from Purdue, but right now the prediction is that he will choose La Salle.

Collin Sexton:  He will attend “Tide Tipoff”, which is Alabama’s version of Midnight Madness that takes place at 6 PM Central Time today.  It is an unofficial visit to Tuscaloosa for Sexton and it remains to be seen if this can move the needle.  Right now, Sexton is still projected to choose Kansas.

Anthony Mack:  He’s in Athens and enjoying it.  Mack took in a bit of an open practice yesterday.  Mack has yet to be offered by Villanova while Missouri currently stands as UGA’s stiffest competition as far as the schools that have tendered a scholarship offer.  Right now, Mack is projected to choose Georgia.

Clyde Trapp Jr.:  Cut UGA from his list of schools.  This was not a surprise.  He cancelled a visit to Athens and now has a Top 5 that does not include the University of Georgia.  Trapp will be at Charlotte’s Midnight Madness tonight.

Trapp could choose Georgia Tech or nearby South Carolina and face UGA every season, but Charlotte remains the prediction.

Jay Jay Chandler:  No changes to note here.  Western Kentucky remains the prediction.

Nic Claxton:  No changes to note here.  Baylor remains the prediction.

Rayshaun Hammonds:  Cancelled his visit to Alabama this week.  There is reason to believe that Alabama could be out of the running for Hammonds, but UConn and Miami appear to be making a very strong case for Hammonds.  The UConn visit is going to be pivotal for Hammonds.  Georgia had an unofficial visit from Hammonds as mentioned in the previous Crystal Ball article and remains a major contender for Hammonds.  It is a bit on the tenuous side, but Georgia still remains the projection.  Keep in mind that Hammonds’ visit to UConn is going to be important.

Garrison Brooks:  Ikey Obiagu has been aggressively pursued by Auburn lately and the feelings are possibly mutual.  Reading the tea leaves and considering it all logically, the UNC train has passed.  Mississippi State has no space for Mr. Brooks.

Who is going to leave the Mississippi State program early?  Nobody on the Mississippi State roster is projected to be an NBA Draft pick yet.  Plus, the class prior to Brooks’ is packed full of talent in the post and then throw in KeyShawn Feazell.  There’s no space in Starkville, Ben Howland will have to find a way to make space and that is to be determined.  If Howland and Brooks’ father are currently promising a spot to Brooks that should be a red flag.

If Auburn gets a commitment out of Ikey Obiagu, consider Auburn out of the race completely for Brooks.

Texas A&M has space issues as well in the frontcourt.  D.J. Hogg is interestingly projected to be a first round draft pick, which is a bit odd after a freshman year that was not THAT impressive.

Onto Texas A&M’s frontcourt and it is packed.

If everyone stays, Brooks would have to compete with fellow 2017 recruit Isiah Jasey, two sophomores, Tyler Davis (who would truly be ready for the NBA then) and Tonny Trocha-Morelos.  Would Brooks choose to head all the way out to Texas A&M?

Brooks is still considering Arizona State and they have zero room for young frontcourt talent.  If anything, they would pursue a graduate transfer, but that’s about it.

The logical choice for Garrison Brooks would appear to be Georgia and the prediction remains that way.


  1. Would UGA take all four that you have predicted? Will they be fall or spring signees? How would you rank them in order of UGA s preference/need? Thanks for the updates!

  2. As always, a sincere thanks to HwT! One question. If we get these players you have leaning our way and then fill any remaining roster spots in the spring with similar quality players, where would you rate it compared to the 14, 15, and 16 classes? Thanks again.

  3. I wish I could be as optimistic, but your predictions at least give me some hope. I’m worried that Fox will need to sign 3 or 4 in the Spring just so he could hold 5-on-5 practices. Shout out the Tremont Waters for committing to G’town, I definitely agree that Fox needs to get Moultrie to UGA for an official visit ASAP, but I don’t think the timing is entirely up to Fox. Kids and their families have things to do too (school, work), Given that UGA plays a football home game nearly half the weekends in September, October, and early November, it just may be tough to have a recruit visit on a non-football weekend (Mack’s visit during the middle of the week seems like a rarity; maybe his school was on a break).

    I’m irritated that Fox continues to recruit Sexton and Wendell Carter. Just two more examples of Fox’s delusional pursuit of top recruits (see also, e.g., Jaylen Brown). Pursuing Sexton can only hurt the chances of getting Moultrie, and the Carter saga will drag out until Spring, with possible negative effects on the recruitment of Brooks and Hammonds (although I just can’t bring myself to think that Hammonds is a real possibility). Sucks that Claxton appears to be headed elsewhere. Makes me wonder if Fox’s quixotic quest for supposedly better recruits killed his changes with Claxton.

    I guess I’ll just cross my fingers and hope Fox can sign 2 or 3 of the recruits mentioned. If he doesn’t he’ll have to start doling out more offers; 35-40 offers just isn’t enough.

    1. Agree with bulk of your post, but I don’t fault fox for his pursuit of brown. He was on him early and developed a very strong connection to him during his soph and jr year. I believe fox was hearing some of the chatter about the lack of top state talent coming in and had envisions of KCP and what a positive impact that type of talent could bring in again.

      Unfortunately, and to of later provided proof, brown was all about himself. There was growing evidence during his sr yr, while the country saw proof while he was at Cal. I don’t fault brown for his decision to go to Cal, as he was certainly attracted by the potential of playing with Raab. That certainly didn’t work out, while his #3 pick was a huge feat, many will say that boston way over-reached for him at #3 based on what he exhibited at Cal.

  4. appreciate the update!

    crossing fingers for the optimism and hoping for a shocker. I just can’t get behind the brooks optimism. with howland and pearl at play, I just totally expect something shady to happen at the 11th hr.

    would consider it a huge victory to pull in 2 recruits of the caliber of Moultrie and Mack at this juncture, but to be honest, based off of the success of the last three years, I was expecting at least 2 top 150…..or even top 100 recruits sealed into the fold prior to even Sept. Can’t get my head around why recruiting has been so hard this year.

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