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Rodney Pryor to Visit Florida, Georgetown and Gonzaga

Rodney Pryor will visit Florida, Georgetown and Gonzaga.

Graduate transfer Rodney Pryor has made plans to visit Florida, Georgetown and Gonzaga two days after announcing his transfer from Robert Morris.  The likely sixth year senior received calls from many schools inquiring into his interest in seeking a graduate degree and playing basketball at their respective institutions.  Apparently some schools have already piqued the high scoring Shooting Guard’s interest.

Rodney Pryor’s visit dates:

  • Georgetown:  April 9
  • Florida:  April 18
  • Gonzaga:  April 21

Pryor spoke with Florida, Georgia, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Minnesota, Ole Miss and Oregon on March 30.  Three of these schools stood out to Pryor and this sort of situation indicates that Georgia is likely out of the race.

Pryor is not anticipated to make his decision until late April, which may already be too late of a decision for a Georgia staff that may not want to repeat the mistakes of Spring 2015.

In terms of Pryor’s future playing time, Georgetown may offer the most out of all options considering that they are completely depleted in the backcourt.  Pryor would receive immediate playing time at Georgetown with that depth chart.  Florida has one spot remaining on their scholarship roster for the 2016-17 season and the backcourt is a bit more crowded than Georgetown’s.

Gonzaga’s depth situation will allow for Pryor to be one of three guards in the Gonzaga lineup.  Domantas Sabonis is likely entering the NBA Draft as a Top 10 selection, which will allow for Johnathan Williams III to start at Power Forward immediately with a talented and inexperienced frontcourt.

Pryor can step in and start at Georgia, but if he was interested in coming to Athens, he would have said something already considering that he had already stated that he planned three trips.  It is possible that Pryor could add a trip to Athens, but it looks very unlikely at this point.



  1. If UGA does not successfully recruit Rodney Pryor for next year’s team, are there any other graduate transfers that UGA is going after other than Woodson? I understood Fox to say that UGA would be adding at least one other player for next year’s team whether it is a Junior college player or a graduate transfer. I don’t know if there is any other HS players that we are targeting for this year’s class. If UGA does land Diatta, do you think we add another player if we can or do you think our recruiting is finished for the 16 class and concentrate on the 17 and 18 classes?

  2. We can always hope that Pryor will take a 2nd look at UGA and schedule a visit with us. If this does not materialize, hopefully we can land Diatta, it will help our bench and overall depth of our roster. We need someone who can come off the bench and provide points to give our starters a little rest until they can come back in. Hopefully our recruiting picks up for the 2017 class especially with the Georgia high school players in and around Atlanta. Are there any rumors that Phillip Pearson, assistant coach is being looked at for any head coaching college jobs at this time?

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