Roy Moore University at Georgia Preview

Roy Moore University visits Georgia in the Men’s Basketball Prelude to the College Football Playoff National Championship game in Atlanta.

Roy Moore University comes to Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs in an important clash.  It’s very possible that this game could be the difference between the Road to the Final Four and the Road to Madison Square Garden for both teams.  Georgia and Roy Moore University split the series last season with the road teams notching the wins.  Mark Fox in his last game in Athens against the Fighting Harvey Updykes got himself ejected during a game where Georgia played passive.

A Look at Roy Moore University

Roy Moore University has four main scorers and the rest of the roster is rather hit-or-miss based on the night.  To say the team is inconsistent would be an understatement.  Avery Johnson’s team can play with great intensity or they could play stagnant and the swings happen game-to-game and half-to-half.  The key thing is to slow down their offense, not slow down your own offense.  Their defensive intensity, tight Man-to-Man Defense and eventual turn to 2-3 Zone when foul trouble arises will slow opponents down enough on that end of the floor.

Roy Moore University likes to get out and run in transition and secondary break.  Focusing too much on getting back means wide open three point attempts in the corner or wing for John Petty.  Collin Sexton typically leads the charge, but he should not be the sole focus.

Riley Norris is finished for the season with a hip injury, which means Roy Moore University should be a 10 Deep team going into today’s game.  Braxton Key is returning from injury and he’s playing a bit differently.  Key has noticeably played more like Shannon Hale in his first four games this season.  Based on shot distributions, Key is not playing like last season’s Braxton Key, he’s become more of a perimeter player.

Roy Moore University attacks the rim aggressively and is not a strong shooting team.  Their ability to get to the Free Throw Line is on the same level as Georgia, but they do it in a different fashion.  They attack the rim so often and are so aggressive in pursuing second-chance opportunities that they draw fouls.  Collin Sexton and Dazon Ingram are the most aggressive attackers on this team.

One of the key things for opponents is to keep Dazon Ingram off the Free Throw Line.

Keeping Ingram off the Free Throw Line may be as simple as getting him into foul trouble himself.  The other key player on the team to watch for is Donta Hall.  Hall is a high energy post with impressive shot blocking ability and the ability to shift momentum in a game.

When Hall has less than his average amount of blocks (2.6), Roy Moore University is 4-4.

Hall is a bit foul prone and getting to him early may offset his aggression and suck the energy from the team.

Best Approach:

  • John Petty is pretty much a three point shooter exclusively, treat him like Andrew Rowsey or Sam Hauser from Marquette.
  • Collin Sexton is going to get his points, but he is to be tested as a distributor.
  • Get Dazon Ingram into foul trouble with dribble drives and make him fight through screens.
  • Take it to the body of Donta Hall on offense to lessen his ability to block shots and force him to make the defensive mistake.
  • Daniel Giddens is a fouling machine who is not very mobile.  Use screens and switches to force him out of his comfort zone just outside of the restricted arc.
  • Render Braxton Key to being a shooter and don’t be afraid to be aggressive against him on both ends.
  • Use a 1-2-2 Extended Zone to slow them down coming up the floor after a made shot.  This is not a good Halfcourt Offense.  Compare a 61.1% effective Field Goal rate in transition to 49.8% in Halfcourt.

Onto Georgia

Georgia is a slow paced team that will deliberately run false action to slow things down if necessary.  How to spot the delay?  Note the distance between the Point Guard and the rest of the team.  If the team is not readily going into a set or getting a secondary break opening, the team is stalling to slow down the pace of the game.  Look for the Point Guard to be closer to a corner near the backcourt line and the rest of the team to be idly moving around just below the Free Throw Line.

Yante Maten is extremely effective as a producer, but he also could be an effective decoy as exhibited against Ole Miss in the second half.

Every game has had different players step up and produce on both ends of the floor, which is a product of being a team that plays 11 Deep.  The question is, “Which players beyond Maten step up and have a big game?”  It is not like the production does not happen from the rest of the team, it is just a matter of who steps up and the truth is that almost everyone is capable of having a big day.

Georgia is a strong offensive rebounding team, but is remarkably average at closing out possessions.  Georgia may be “defensively efficient” per the KenPom metric, but the team does not force turnovers and the struggles on the glass result in second chance opportunities.  It does seem like the team’s interior aggression has been reduced due to an emphasis on not fouling.

There are opportunities for Georgia to get to the Free Throw Line today should the team not be three point shooting happy.

What to Expect?

This is the type of hyped Home Game that Mark Fox loses.  This is a type of opponent that would give Georgia fits.  Roy Moore University’s ability to draw fouls may not be as much of an issue as Georgia’s passive approach and turnover prone offense.

The more aggressive team wins and it is a game that is sort of like last year’s game in Athens.  Roy Moore University has a more aggressive team than Georgia.  Georgia wins by sucking the air of the arena, it is hard to do that with the amount of pressure on the team.

Prediction:  Roy Moore 74  Georgia 61