The Rumored UGA Head Coaching Candidates

Let’s just say The Powers That Be think little of this publication based on the rumors.

There are three rumored Head Coaching candidates favored by The Powers That Be.

  1. Thad Matta  – Former Ohio State Head Coach and current retiree.
  2. Jeff Capel – Former VCU and Oklahoma Head Coach and current Duke Assistant Coach
  3. Earl Grant – Current Head Coach at College of Charleston

The other rumor is that Mark Fox has already been notified of his release and the staff has been notified.  The team will play on through the SEC Tournament with the current staff and if the team qualifies for the NIT, it is currently unknown how this postseason appearance will work in this scenario.

More Rumors!

Jonas Hayes‘ future at Georgia is presently unknown.  He could be a Head Coach candidate at Western Carolina, which is where he and his brother Jarvis attended before transferring over to Georgia.

Philip Pearson may end up being a Head Coach next season himself.  Keep an eye on Southern Mississippi and South Alabama.  Maine boosters have interest in hiring Philip Pearson, but is it mutual?  Likely not.  They just decided to hire Richard Barron.

Mark Fox will likely be a Head Coach somewhere else.  Do not be surprised if he lands at Colorado State, Washington State or San Diego.  David Carter may come in tow.  If there is ever going to be a reunion of the former Nevada staff (Fox, Trent Johnson, David Carter), there’s no stronger possibility than it happening this offseason.

Does Radford Head Coach Mike Jones emerge as a last-second candidate for Georgia?  He was the best recruiter for Georgia in the post-Durham era.

Did you notice Bucknell’s Nathan Davis when perusing through list of Head Coaches in this article?  The new Athletic Director at Richmond is John Hardt (former long time Athletic Director at Bucknell) and Chris Mooney has had a rough time at Richmond lately.  A change could be coming at Richmond and the replacement will likely be Davis.

Kevin Willard tried to jump for South Florida last season and they were not willing to pay him what he was looking for and they ended up getting Brian Gregory.  The Willard-Seton Hall relationship is fraying even though the Pirates are going to the NCAA Tournament for a third straight season after being in the relative wilderness and serving as a laughingstock.  Seton Hall is the #3 seed in the Big East Tournament and are in position to be a dangerous #7 seed right now.  Willard could be looking to go to Pittsburgh or Louisville.  Danny Hurley would definitely not be going to UConn in this scenario, he’s coming back home.

Of course, with many rumors…. they may not necessarily be true!


  1. I’ve not heard any of your rumored candidates other than Matta mentioned lately with the job. I’ve heard Tom Crean, Nate Oates, Steve Prohm, Kevin Willard and Gregg McDemott

  2. Well I guess my,”One more year” quote is starting to take on water and will sunk by Thursday at the latest. Of course, if Dawgs win SEC Tourny,….I will have a new boat.
    What you say HWT? Tell me now before it’s over.

  3. I can assure you they want capel and will go hard after him . The coaches have not be told anything and they have one last chance to save there jobs. Jonas Hayes is gaining a lot of traction with the descion makers. Look at women’s Basketball so don’t be surprised if Jonas gets hired . Mark fox has made Ron jirsa look like John wooden.

    1. Jonas Hayes is in no way ready to compete against the head coaches that are now in the SEC…and you don’t hire a guy from the staff of the head coach you just canned. Capel would be a disaster too, but I don’t doubt for a second that our admin will go for the diversity/affirmative action hire if they can’t get a proven head coach.

      Getting rid of Fox is long overdue regardless of the replacement, but I’m really worried that McGarity is going to botch the new hire. Haven’t UGA hoops fans suffered enough over the years?

      1. The most likely outcome of this whole affair is that McGoofity will screw it up. The man is incompetent.

      2. So any black head coach is a diversity/affirmative action hire? So I can say that any white head coach is a retread?


  5. Greg, please look at Uga women’s basketball I believe she was on Andy landers staff . Number two Jonas has up the recruiting and has deep ties to the Atlanta community. Number 3 they will not bring in a top notch coach because they do not believe you can win at both sports. I have been going to ga basketball since John Guthrie to mark fox and we only have I think one true sec title along with a tournament title. Jonas is very highly thought of by the men making the descion so that’s all that matters .

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