Some Changes Happening…

The Powers That Be thought they won…

Georgia Basketball Blog was pulled for about a month and was actually ready to become an expired domain.  I read a little bit of what was on Twitter (I lurk as Twitter is a microblogging service that breaks news) and on the message boards, vomited a little bit in my mouth and realized that cannot be placed in the wrong hands.  I created this site and put way too much into it to become an incoherent mess filled with random capitalization, horrible grammar, weird nativism and other latent issues that would make any reasonable person’s skin crawl.  This site needed to be in the hands of UGA alumni and students.  I could not just let this site go that easily and so I asked MonkDawg if he wanted to own the domain.

MonkDawg’s response astonished me as he was not just happy to take the domain, but he wanted the content to stay up so there would be a continuation.  I wanted to scrub some of the more controversial articles that really got people angry.  FTPing over the content would have been a bit of a mess and I am more savvy with the technical back-end stuff than MonkDawg, which meant that it would have been a bit of headache for him.  So I offered to extend my ownership of the site and let MonkDawg manage and create the content while I give him the technical resources and support to make it happen.  MonkDawg keeps the wealth of information already on the site and is able to give you the good stuff going forward while I get to enjoy just being the Webmaster.

MonkDawg will be bringing other contributors into the fold sooner rather than later, which means there will be a diverse array of viewpoints rather than just one perspective that is not exactly enjoyable to read for the masses.

A few notes:

  1. Yes, the advertising was annoying.  I get it.  I removed the annoying advertising.  Now there are only banner ads on the top and on the sidebar for those using a desktop and if you are on a mobile device or tablet, these banner ads will appear on the top and after the article is finished.  These ads basically subsidize the cost of the domain and hosting, nothing more.
  2. I will not be posting at all, I’m thankful for that.  Not on Twitter either, it is far too addictive.  Social media withdrawal actually feels kind of good.
  3. The farewell article was strange because I was trying to cram a lot of things into one article and try to relate it to my exit, I failed horribly.  In retrospect, it came off as a cross between this and this.  Comparing anything that I have done to Lena Dunham is a true low point in my life.

Georgia Basketball Blog is back, but with a different approach and I am glad.  At a time when the rhetoric has turned so illogical and poorly thought out, there must be a voice of sanity during such a pivotal time.

Butts-Mehre is clearly corrupt and broken.

In its current state, it serves as the poison to an ascendant institution.  Greedy politicians, shadow controllers, special interests, cowards, misinformation campaign managers and relics from the past control what happens in the University of Georgia Athletic Association.  There is no “Georgia Way” exemplified by those that occupy that building because the self-flagellation, scorched and flat earth policies and communications of this past and current generation are not representative of UGA Alumni, Faculty, Staff nor Students.

I believe that this publication with the new approach will help shift the conversation in a direction that will change things for the better.  Not to put the pressure on my successors, but I know that they can provide you with analysis and argumentation that you deserve.  Maybe you’ll link to it in an eloquently written e-mail to Greg McGarity and President Jere Morehead.

To alter a famous quote by Former President Ronald Reagan on November 3, 1980

“These visitors to that city on the Oconee do not come as white or black, red or yellow; they are not Jews or Christians; conservatives or liberals; or Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans awed by what has gone before, proud of what for them is still… a shining city on a hill.”

That’s what the University of Georgia is.  We’re all visitors and whether the stay is four years or an entire life (it could actually be an immortal life according to Michio Kaku), our alma mater is a literal shining city on a hill.

It is Morning in Athens and it is a brand new start with MonkDawg at the helm.


  1. Do not become addicted to water, it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence.

    — Immortan Joe

    My Bulldog cup now runneth over. Welcome back, as it were.

  2. Thank you VERY much Heck! I was able to save your farewell post and really enjoyed ALL of your insight and knowledge into UGA Hoops. Monk, I really look forward to reading you and others content over games, game previews and other opinions. There’s not really much going on in terms of UGA Men’s Hoops coverage. Well, maybe a few…. Still, keep it up. We’re behind you all 100%!! Go Dawgs!!

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