TCU-Washington Pick

TCU-Washington Pick and Prediction for Handicappers

TCU-Washington is a matchup between an embattled coach and a new coach.

TCU-Washington will not have the pick and prediction one would expect because there is no clear winner for this game.  Jamie Dixon and Lorenzo Romar are veteran coaches with high hopes for this season, but the hopes for each coach are tied to two different bars to clear.

About TCU

TCU really has not been tested yet this season.  UNLV is not a formidable opponent this season as they are completely rebuilding under Marvin Menzies.  What was learned from that road victory is that TCU is further along in their rebuilding process than UNLV and was able to overcome a terrible offensive performance on the road to win.

TCU has two capable Point Guards that can play at once, it is much like what Texas A&M had last season with Collins and Caruso.  Robinson and Fisher are able to give Jamie Dixon’s offensive flow excellent ball movement.  TCU has good three point shooting capability and it is highly unlikely that a repeat from the UNLV game happens again as it seems to be an aberration.  TCU’s Free Throw shooting leaves much to be desired.

Opponents are also able to have effective ball movement against TCU as well.

TCU was able to play a rather quick pace against Illinois State, a team that plays 2-3 Zone almost the entire game.  Typically 2-3 Zone teams slow down the pace considerably but these Horned Frogs had no problem speeding things up.  21.1% of their shots are taken in transition.  TCU does an excellent job of keeping opponents out of transition, 13.9% of shots taken against them are in transition (6th in the nation).  Who is just ahead of them?  Washington!

TCU is a money zone team.  They take most of their shots in the money zones (restricted arc and three point range).  However, the same applies to their opponents as they are able to get shots in the money zones as well with ease.

TCU’s perimeter shooting defense leaves much to be desired and this program is 291st in the country in three point shooting defense.

TCU is able to end possessions early via turnovers and rebounds. TCU also gets second chance opportunities on the offensive glass as well.

TCU racks up fouls effectively and this means a high number of Free Throws for the Horned Frogs.  The bad news is that TCU is not a strong Free Throw shooting team.

About Washington

Lorenzo Romar pushes pace and is known for his team’s dynamic offense.  Washington is typically poor on defense and this means Washington typically has to win in shootouts.

Markelle Fultz carries this Washington team, but he has plenty of help on this roster.

Washington’s perimeter defense is poor and they let opponents frequent the Free Throw Line far too often.  However, Washington gets to the Free Throw Line plenty themselves.  Washington is an average Free Throw shooting team.

Washington has an offensive attack that does not require as much ball movement.  Washington does not turn the ball over much, but they are not very good at interrupting opponents from having an offensive flow.

Washington can shoot rather well: They hit 43% of their mid-range shots, 40.2% of their threes and 70.7% of their shots in the restricted arc.

Washington is going to get steals and blocks as well commit their fair share of fouls.  They will also force opponents into foul trouble as well.

Washington commitment to pushing pace is well known.  32.2% of their shots are in transition (16th fastest in the country).

TCU-Washington Prediction and Pick

This game will be played at Washington’s pace and TCU will have opportunities to shoot threes against this soft Washington perimeter defense.  Both teams will commit plenty of fouls and Free Throws galore are expected.  High possession game here for both teams.  There are plenty of scorers and facilitators on both ends and this should be a bit of a shootout.  Take the OVER in this one.

Prediction:  Washington 87  TCU 83  (OVER 156)

Pick of the Day is now 9-6 after Florida’s loss to Gonzaga.