Teshaun Hightower Has the Flu, But Still Travels with the Team…

The Flu is causing Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care Centers to Flood with People.

This is one of the worst flu seasons in recorded history and Mark Fox’s way of handling the flu internally is apparently counter to what anyone else would do.

Teshaun Hightower has the flu and he has missed the last three games.  Where has Hightower been during these games?  Interestingly, on the Georgia bench traveling with the team!

Those wondering if Hightower is in the doghouse, he’s apparently not, but he’s in a position to get everyone sick.  This makes no sense whatsoever.

Hightower was most certainly in Starkville on the Georgia bench, he was there to console Pape Diatta when he fouled out.  Reports that he was not there in Starkville are false.  Want proof?  The cover image makes it rather clear.

Hightower had the flu and could not play against Kansas State.  Yet, here he is taking a picture at Bramlage Coliseum!

There are those who might say that Hightower could have been sick during the week and was not present on the Georgia bench during the Florida game.  To those people… what the hell is this?


 The score of 72-60 can be made out in the background and there’s Hightower celebrating with Nicolas Claxton.