tevin mack asked for release

Tevin Mack Asked For His Release

Tevin Mack Asked for His Release… Now What?

Tevin Mack wants out of VCU and according to his mother in a Washington Post article, Shaka Smart was a major reason why Mack chose to come to VCU.  Now that Smart has left, Mack has no reason to stay at VCU and wants to be released from his Letter of Intent.  Whether VCU does so and if they put restrictions in place will be addressed in the future.

South Carolina fans seem to think they could get Mack, but do not understand how scholarship limits and depth charts work.  South Carolina is not a legitimate contender for Mack anymore.  Clemson has scholarship space, but Clemson was knocked out of contention by August.

Texas, UConn and Georgia are the logical three choices.  Will Wade used to coach under Shaka Smart at VCU and it will interesting to see how their relationship will impact Tevin Mack’s ability to transfer to Texas should he wish to do so.  Assuming that Mack will follow Smart to Texas is difficult considering that Smart did leave Mack like this.  No definitive statements have been made either that Mack wants to even go to Texas.

Or maybe Tevin Mack’s mother and Tevin Mack are not exactly on the same page.  Does Coach Fox want another dose of drama?