Thad Matta Graciously Rejects Georgia and Embarrasses Greg McGarity

This is embarrassing.  What did Ross Bjork know that Greg McGarity did not? 

Greg McGarity needs to be fired.  The walking, talking Public Relations disaster that is Greg McGarity needs to be fired.  This is what happens when you fail to ensure privacy, this is what happens when you put your trust in the wrong people, and this is what happens when you do not do your due diligence.  McGarity swung for the fences to get himself a big name coach in Thad Matta, who was prematurely coming back as warned and he did not see this outcome happening.  It was a distinct possibility.

This is why you have to trust Georgia Basketball Blog, we will play it with you straight.  Even if it means defending the judgment of the Athletic Director at another school.

Why are they meeting in Athens?

Meet somewhere else like the UGA Buckhead campus.  It’s much tougher to catch someone at the airport or track someone’s flight at the airport.  When Mark Fox was interviewed, no one really had much of a clue that he was being interviewed.  Frank Haith was known and Oliver Purnell was suspected, but no one knew about Mark Fox.  The timing was never really clear.

The Mike Anderson spectacle was far less embarrassing because it was false, just like this Rick Pitino nonsense.

However, in this situation it is like the veil of privacy was removed altogether and the search firm and UGAA have to ensure privacy for the purposes of public relations.   How do you save face now?

Not Doing Due Diligence and Reading the Individual

It’s embarrassing to get rejected, much less by a coach who says the following.

“Unfortunately, I just don’t feel that I am completely ready at this point to give Greg McGarity and Georgia what they deserve.” – Thad Matta

Matta was gracious in his rejection, but this makes it very clear that Thad Matta was returning prematurely and he knew it.  Greg McGarity is the guy you want at your poker table because he cannot read his opponents.

Ross Bjork knew what Greg McGarity did not, Matta could not give his all.  When Bjork had Matta in Oxford, the first impression was that it may not be an interview, but rather a consulting session because Bjork and Ole Miss had not hired a Men’s Basketball Coach in over a decade.  Bjork is apparently getting his guy, Kermit Davis.

Greg McGarity’s Public Relations Missteps

  1. Having that Mark Richt press conference.
  2. Letting Mark Fox have an exit press conference when he was fired.
  3. Not inviting Ludacris and coming off like a racist after Condom-Gate.
  4. Lobbying in Atlanta.
  5. Throwing his student-athletes under the bus, like Todd Gurley.
  6. Pushing for FOIA requests to be extended to 90 days to reduce transparency.
  7. This mess.  This embarrassing mess.

Greg McGarity needs to go and the search firm needs to be fired.


  1. How are you supposed to hire a head coach without showing him the facilities he’d be in charge of? Who would take the job without laying eyes on his work environment? It’s too bad he turned us down, but the manner in which it happened does not redound to the future success of the program in the slightest.

  2. I was never sold on Mattas health to begin with, so I’m not terribly upset about the news. This is an awful look for that search firm, just embarrassing. Fans are thirsty for a fun brand of basketball, so whomever we get, I hope that it’s a fast paced offense that likes to get out in transition.

  3. HWT…You were right about Thad….Crean will take a little longer to find out…I do agree there’s something around the house about him.

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