Tom Crean is Apparently the Next Head Coach at Georgia

Well, that was fast.  Tom Crean will have a lot on his plate now.

The first question is, “Will Tom Crean be joining the CBS Halftime Shows promoting Georgia?”  The next question is, “Does Tom Crean know what he is getting into?”  The follow-up question, “Did Tom Crean receive a pizza and a bag of swag too?”

Here’s what Crean is going to have to do:

  1. Convince Jonas Hayes to stay.  (Based on what we’re hearing, he’s going to be back.  Give him a raise.)
  2. Build a staff.
  3. Re-recruit the entire team or run off who he wants to run off.
  4. Get the Class of 2019 back on board or go after who he wants, he has different priorities.
  5. Engage the students.  Visit every residence hall, dining hall and do the Milledge Avenue tour immediately.
  6. Figure out how to beat a 2-3 Zone.
  7. Get ready for an offseason training program.
  8. Engage alumni groups all over.  Just do it.  Go to Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas, Washington, New York, Jacksonville, Chicago and Savannah.  Be there.  Make friends.  Acknowledge your memeness so that people can take selfies with you doing that lost look.
  9. Meet with every local AAU coach and High School Basketball coach.  In fact, go outside the region and meet with them too.  Tell them that the old ways are behind and UGA is ready to move forward.
  10. Scheduling.  The philosophy is going to change.
  11. Lots of photo ops.
  12. Don’t do what Mark Fox did.  Just do not do it.  No painting yourself up, you have dignity sir.  No telling people that a Football Game comes before a Basketball Practice.
  13. Charity Men’s Basketball Game in Jacksonville before the Georgia-Florida Football Game, why not have a Georgia-Florida Charity Game?

There’s a lot for Tom Crean to do.  One small request, bring back the Red Blazer and wear better pants or a better belt.  Let’s have Will Wade be the worst dressed coach in the SEC.

Here’s the deal, let’s give Tom Crean a chance, unlike what Progressives did with President Trump.  We’re going to give him a chance to prove that he can turn this around. 


  1. Now the short version….another handful of years of hand full of tears….the madness of all he has to do….hope Jonas stays…give us at least that please.

  2. Best coaches are still working…what’s the rush…if they are serious about winning and doing things the right way, wait for Willard.

  3. Well said. I love “engage your memeness” I think you just invented a new word! I would also add “Teach the team how to inbound the ball and look like you’ve done it before.”

  4. You gotta imagine he’s been given a strong idea on what he’s walking in to here. Given his closeness to Izzo, and Izzo’s nephew, Matt Bucklin, having been around our program in multiple ways for a long time.

  5. It’s a lazy hire, but not surprising. Maybe it will turn out well. I’ll watch every game, but season tickets will have to wait for another day.

    1. It was not a lazy hire but rather a no brainer hire. Matta and Crean were clearly great fits for what UGA needs (not another mid major coach). A proven head coach to take the program to another level. SI has a recent article about what he did this past year which I recommend people read.

  6. Well said as usual HWT. I actually think Crean has a better chance of success than most that read this blog apparently but I think we can all agree it’s time to give him a chance & support UGA basketball. And yes on the red blazer. Remember Durham wearing his.

  7. Can the “real” Jordan Harris story be told now??? Or will he still be mysteriously be suspended indefinitely?

  8. Bulltoad- Nate Oats would have been ten times the hire. We need a builder. As for “mid major”- that’s never been the problem, IMHO. Both mid major coaches we hired were the same- they played a slow, boring pace that the young recruits hate. We have never hired a fast- paced Nat Oats type mid major coach. Crean was fired for mediocrity at a school that is Top 5 in terms of resources/ fan base passion- Why would we expect him to do any better at a place with 1/10th the passion? It’s accepting mediocrity- getting to a few Sweet 16’s at IU is an expectation- his recruiting fell in the last few years (his 8th and 9th)and his last few teams were mediocre. I honestly hope you wind up being right, but I’m not sold on him……and doing this while some of the brightest (and no doubt hungry and available) minds are currently working in the showcase event that we fired our coach for not making……it boggles the mind.

  9. After last night’s Buffalo performance vs. Arizona, Nate Oats might end up ar Louisville or UConn. Even if we got Oats, it likely would have been a stepping stone job – jump to an elite program after one or two NCAA tourney seasons. With Crean, I get the feeling he might hang around for the long haul considering his age and the fact that he’s already been there and done that with one of the blue blood programs.

    He is certainly a huge upgrade from Mark Fox in terms of past accomplishments and style of play. As for McGarity, while the Motta situation was a little embarrassing, he moved on quickly to Crean and got the deal done. Now that it’s over, I don’t see anything about this process that’s going to hurt McGarity going forward.

    Looking up and down the current list of head coaches, the SEC is going to be a very formidable basketball league for years to come. 3 team’s in the Elite 8 last year and a 4-0 start in the NCAA tourney this year is just the beginning.

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