UGA Athletics is Unaware of How Streaming Media Works

UGA Athletics needs an introduction to the 2010s.

Think the University of Georgia Athletic Association is hopelessly out of touch?  The so-called “Notes from Greg” are full of spin and lies, but today there was an attempt to promote the Men’s Basketball Schedule and it was shockingly dumb.

Bragging about National Television coverage is a thing a program would do from 1960 through 2009, not in this decade.  To be exact, during the second half of the 2000s all of the Jefferson Pilot/Raycom/Lincoln Financial “regional” games were not actually regional.  They live streamed the games for free, even when there were two games in a viewing window and affiliates had to choose the games.  These games were even aired on Regional Sports Networks across the United States.

In the 2010s, every game is streamable and the only people denied the ability to watch SEC Basketball were those with Altice as their cable provider (until now because of the New York Yankees Wild Card Game, not because of ESPN’s lobbying job in Times Square).  Every sporting event is a GLOBAL sporting event because of digital consumption.  There are punters in Europe and Asia watching SEC Basketball through streaming devices and they are just as puzzled watching it at times as the American audience.

The very idea of promoting the games as “Nationally Televised” by the UGA Basketball social media accounts is absurd.  Being proud of having half of the schedule on SEC Network is also not a positive development because ESPN and ESPN2 appearances mean that the program has an appeal to a casual viewer.  Georgia is not going to be on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU anywhere close to as much as last season.  ESPN has low hopes for Georgia Basketball based on scheduling.  Think of ESPN Networks as being tiered:  ESPN – First Tier, ESPN2 – Second Tier, ESPNU – Third Tier, SEC Network – Fourth Tier.  SEC Network is a globally broadcasted network with a regional appeal.

Who on Earth are the UGA Athletics staffers fooling (or trying to fool)?

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  1. Unless Crump, Harris and Turtle are hugely improved, our backcourt will be one of the worst in the SEC. Finally get a good nucleus of SEC caliber players in the front court (led by a two time all-SEC player in Maten) and now the backcourt is lacking. Always something with Fox, but he is sure to have a good excuse for it. The SEC previews I’ve seen have us finishing between 7th and 9th. As you say, no expectations has led to a lot of SEC Network games and a lot of earlier tip-offs on the weekends Yawn.

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