UGA Opens Bakery in Columbia with No Rolls, But Plenty of Turnovers

For those with an affinity toward sarcasm, tonight was Georgia’s “Greatest Hits”.

It was a little bit of everything from the Mark Fox era in this 66-57 loss to South Carolina at the Colonial Life Arena.  If it was tough to watch for you, imagine being one of those 25-35 people behind the Georgia bench sporting red and looking forward to Wednesday Night drinking in The Vista.  If you’re reading this while drinking, this is for you and your liver.  Just remember there’s a difference between the drinking you did at Bourbon Street as a Freshman with a horrible fake ID that said you were from Jackson, Mississippi (like everyone else magically became) and Christopher Hitchens drunk that inspires novel thought.  So onto the awfulness.

What did we get today?

  • Moving screens
  • Telegraphed passes
  • Disjointed offense
  • Inability to tell the difference between 2-3 Zone and Pack Line Defense
  • Passiveness
  • Getting burned going under a ball screen
  • Only one having one way to beat a 2-3 Zone without shooting out of it
  • Stilted pace
  • Mark Fox throwing a fit on the sideline.
  • Mark Fox throwing his jacket.
  • Tyree Crump looking like he wanted to be somewhere else other than the huddle he was in down 6.  Nobody blames him.
  • Mark Fox thinking personnel combinations alone are what is going to solve his offensive woes.
  • A bizarrely low score at the 8 minute media timeout in the First Half.
  • Slow paced game of 65 possessions with 19 seconds devoted per possession.
  • 17 Turnovers

Is there anything else that needs to be said?

It’s Georgia’s fourth straight loss to South Carolina.  Mark Fox started his run at Georgia with struggles against the Gamecocks and now he’ll likely end it in the same fashion.  It’s amazing how everything comes full circle.

The good news from this game was that this time around, Georgia won the glass and even had a 40% offensive rebounding rate.  The bad news is that Georgia cannot close out possessions and since the team is incapable of forcing turnovers by design, it burned them.  A 64.44% defensive rebounding rate is not going to cut it.  It’s simply unacceptable for a team like Georgia to have such an effort against South Carolina.

However, it becomes more pathetic when realized through 2nd Chance Points.  Georgia had .571 points per offensive rebound, South Carolina had .889 points per offensive rebound.

When it came to the extra effort points, South Carolina outscored Georgia 36-12.  The fact this was a single digit difference to finish is an absolute wonder.  It’s not like South Carolina was shooting wonderful from the field either, they just were able to hit three point shots because Mark Fox has a very conservative approach to defending perimeter shooters.

The defenders going under the ball screens may be by design to deny the dribble drive because of the awful help defense.

This team is what it is.  The answer is not a coach who will provide more of the same.  It’s time for a new era, new ideas and actual excitement.  The only suggestions that can be provided are in the Don’t Hire and Candidate articles put out nearly every other day on this site.  Greg McGarity will not read them and certainly not the fossils with the lobbying money.  Maybe McGarity gets it right, but if he gets it wrong – the articles are a bit of a warning.


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