What is The gBb?

The gBb is back, but not in pog form.

What is Georgia Basketball Blog?

If you are completely new to the tradition that is Georgia Basketball Blog or what has been re-branded as “The gBb”, it is a friendly, wholesome, and non-stop sunshine machine that covers Georgia Basketball.  It’s a positive and welcoming environment that is never critical or insightful in any way, but rather is the equivalent of taking some valium in terms of the approach.  It’s nothing special, we just talk about faith, family, and the Dawgs.

No, that’s not Georgia Basketball Blog!  That last paragraph was a massive lie and you know it.

If you are familiar with Georgia Basketball Blog, then you probably uttered this or a variant.  Georgia Basketball Blog is actually an extremely analytical blog that is unafraid to take on anybody.  The motto was “No fluff.  No doom.  No mercy.”  This motto will continue today.  For the uninitiated, this ain’t Dawg Sports.  We’re going back to our underground roots and it is an era that is different.

If you like metrics and debunking of terrible media narratives in College Basketball, you found your new home!

Why is Georgia Basketball Blog back?  You won, you’re the Nigel Farage of UGA Athletics!

It’s back because readers like you asked for it back!  You wanted gambling picks, bracketology, metrics, and the rest of the good stuff that Georgia Basketball Blog provides.  So here it is, Georgia Basketball Blog or as it is colloquially known as now “The gBb”.