Tyron McMillan Commits to Georgia

Tyron McMillan was not on the radar for almost everyone, but it does not mean he was not sought after.

It is very possible that Georgia linked up with Kilgore College Freshman Tyron McMillan during Valentine’s Day Weekend.  Georgia Assistant Head Coach Chad Dollar was scouting Class of 2020 guards and forwards in the Midwest and in Texas during this time.  McMillan is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and he’s a 6’9″ (some sources say 6’10”) 225 pound Power Forward.  McMillan received offers from St. John’s, LSU, and Arizona State in November 2019, but he did not pull the trigger on those offers.  However, even though there was a possible visit for McMillan in February, there is a very clear connection and recruiter who falls under-the-radar – Teddy Wheeler, Sahvir Wheeler’s father.

Sahvir Wheeler and McMillan were teammates in the Adidas Gauntlet circuit for Basketball University and this is how Georgia came into contact with McMillan to unite the two previous teammates.  McMillan would be more prepared for a Sahvir Wheeler pocket pass than Rodney Howard ever could.

There is some confusion with Tyron McMillan, let’s point out where the confusion lies.

Is it McMillan or McMillian?

To get the name wrong would be downright embarrassing.  Mainstream sources such as 247 Sports, the New York Post,, Prepcircuit, and Verbalcommits  are calling him ‘McMillan’.  However, Kilgore College calls him ‘McMillian’ and it is not an error on the website either because they made a social media post promoting him as Ty McMillian.  However, his Twitter profile if real and is not the one mentioned in the tweet below, it actually says ‘McMillan’ in the most authoritative fashion.

The NJCAA also refers to him as ‘McMillian’.

In this article, McMillan’s likely Twitter profile will serve as the basis for his surname.

Next bit of confusion! 

Height and Weight Vary Greatly

According to his Kilgore College profile:  6’8″ 200 pounds (however, this is out-of-date)

According to  6’8″ 225 pounds

According to 247 Sports:  6’8″ 225 pounds

According to VerbalCommits:  6’10” 230 pounds

According to  6’9″ height

So what’s the final verdict here?  6’9″ 225 pounds.

Tyron McMillan in the Adidas Gauntlet

McMillan when he was in High School and on the Shoe Circuit was getting his baskets inside the perimeter.  He was slightly above average at drawing fouls, he had a 44.7% Free Throw Rate  He was rather efficient when he did take a shot attempt.

He was a stronger defensive rebounder than offensive rebounder.  It was easier to shut him out on the offensive glass, but he was capable getting multiple second chance opportunities in a game.  Unfortunately, Adidas Gauntlet data has some reliability issues with team stats that make it impossible to calculate defensive and offensive rebounding rates.

McMillan was not a shot blocker and he did all of these things in Adidas Gauntlet playing 13.8 minutes per game.

McMillan in JUCO

McMillan was 54.7% from 2 point range in JUCO, which is a massive step down from when he was playing with Sahvir Wheeler.  McMillan was trying to show a bit more of an outside game, but he was 2/14 from three point range.

What was notable was his ability to draw fouls in JUCO action.  He improved to a 54.9% Free Throw Rate, but he was only a 64.4% Free Throw shooter, which is also an improvement.

McMillan had 14.56% Defensive Rebounding rate and a 5.01% Offensive Rebounding rate.  He’s not ready to dominate just yet on the glass.

He was not a shot blocker, his forte was drawing fouls and being an average rebounder.  He was the second best rebounder on his team behind Rodrigue Tha Andela.

McMillan has three years of eligiblity left and he will ready immediately for next season.  However, he is the most prepared recruit for the Floor General, Sahvir Wheeler.

3 thoughts on “Tyron McMillan Commits to Georgia

  1. Will be interesting to see how much he contributes. He did not finish the season very strong, reaching double figures in just 2 of his last 9 games (with a high of 11). Avg 7.5 pts and 5.8 rb his last 11 games.
    48.6% FG in conference games (52.1% overall). He was also one of the more foul prone guys in his league.

    Not a shooter, not an offensive rebounder, not a rim protector, not a ballhandler. Good at getting to the FT line where he is an avg FT shooter and good defensive rebounder.
    UGA could use a rim protector in the worst way, they simply have no one on the team to protect the rim right now. No one on the current roster avg even 1 block per 40 min. I’m guessing this is a kid who got a scholarship because he is friends with Wheeler.

    I guess ultimately he is the replacement for Howard (they would both be SO), have to see if he has any more impact than Howard did.

    End up the 5th leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder on his team. Made Honorable Mention all-conference. Two of his teammates made first team.

    1. Yep. Not the most impressed by his stats but hopefully some D1 coaching can elevate him. I wasn’t too hot on Howard either, though.

      You’re right, I’d kill for a good defensive rebounder, shot blocker and someone that can finish at the rim.

      Most of the offense will flow thru Wheeler. Hammonds (if he stays) and Fagan.

      1. There will likely be no “primary” flow through guy next season. This team is better when there’s no primary focus player. If we wanted to do the whole Hero Ball thing, we could have just kept Mark Fox.

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