Can’t Get to Charlotte to Watch Tonight’s Game… There May Be a Solution

If you are unable to make it to Halton Arena for the Georgia at Charlotte game, there may be a way for you to watch it.

There may be a way for you to watch the Georgia-Charlotte game for FREE and not have to rely on the radio.  The Charlotte Athletics website has the game listed as viewable on UNC Charlotte TV.  They have two other games listed as being streamed on UNC Charlotte TV.

How to get UNC Charlotte TV

If you are in the Charlotte metropolitan area, you are covered as UNC Charlotte TV is included in your cable package.

If you are outside of the Charlotte Metropolitan area, you can try the following options to get the game.

Option #1: (powered by Vimeo)

You can literally see it embedded right here and if you can cast it, great.  If not, there is another option.

Option #2:  Livestream App on Roku and Android


There’s always the option of going to to get the live radio link.

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